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The relgion of the religious world

...or, "Jesus! What was I thinking!"

Believe or not to believe...

Just a small thought again


What if afterlife doesn’t involve angels, spirits, demons, God almighty and heaven or hell….


What makes us believe that heaven and the angels are going to make anything better for us there than here.


We aren’t sending any better human souls up there than we were when here on earth. So what makes us so faithfully believe things are going to be any different, with some heavenly perfect society awaiting us or some conceived spiritual afterlife molded and developed to fit our concepts just like any other religion was created to the tune of the society or the personal belief of the person wishing to accept it..


What makes anyone feel it will be any different? There’s more likely to be a whole bunch of Muslim spirits fighting off all the Buddhists who have had far more ancestors waiting around for millennia, with Islamic reward-ees pissed as hell for not getting their 40 virgins and realizing that their concept of Allah was no more real than Christians not finding their one true version of the Christian god. I doubt seriously that will make them love us Americans any more for the worth than the wear of it all. They don’t like us now, I doubt their going to love us any more there than here either.




My real hope, is that no one here has a damn idea what awaits us, and all the dignitaries and people of faith here are as far off base with their concepts of the afterlife, as they are with grasping a firm hold on the reality of here and now.


The real truth of religious or spiritual belief is this. It has held together the societies and peoples of the world with internal love of ones populace and peace while at the same time, unfortunately giving everyone an excuse and base for conflict, bloodshed, hatred and war. However, without it, life on earth would have been the stories of chaos and anarchy written by the worlds held in history’s pages of the past. Without hope and belief, even if false and forlorn, our earth would have been a burnt smoking hulk of a ruin long ago. Think of it while researching and pondering the Days of the Dark Ages and claim it is not so. Dream of a god-given sanctuary way off in the wonder yonder if you wish and that your concept though different than others shazres the one belief that yours is the true concept out of them all. Real life factual truths have been the mortal enemy of empty belief for eons.


So think of your demons and angels as you wish to, and reach for the unattainable goal of being the person you claim you seek to train yourself to be. Without it we would sink into the pits of an unknown hell-to-fit-all, but we would be the devils and demons. Actually when you think about it, we do a pretty good job of being just that, simply wait till the book opens later and our lives are read back to us.


The worthy truth about belief is that If you get millions of people believing in something, even if it’s a false god, it usually will come true anyway. If there actually concluded to not be a God, he would become one anyway and work wonders just through the thoughts and actions of His believers, if they just simply practice what they preach.


It isn’t until the fundamentalists become extremists and the power hungry rise to clerical power, then the poorer helpless hapless hopeless minions and members of society choose to grasp, embrace and hold as truths the meanderings and prophicies of the holy man. Then they swear their souls to follow false concepts and disciplines that things get all screwed up again. Hallelujah and Praise Allah brother, because just like now as these words are read by others, the silly twits of the world will bend and reshape truth to fit their desires, and the mid-f*&k starts all over again.


Nope, I doubt seriously it will be any more different there than here, other than there…there won’t be any more hope for a better afterlife, after life in the afterlife.