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Ebay dispute items

This is a compilation of photos and messages on a current eBay/PayPal dispute that is ongoing, as we seek resolution on damaged goods received by Arturo Morales of Gaithersburg, MD under the eBay seller name of " "...

To start off, I never thought that  this person 'intentionally' wished to deceive nor defraud us in any way. As you shall see by simply browsing through the messages and photos, a sever lack of care was given to safety of the packages on the two computers which we purchased from the gentleman, resulting in damages to the items during shipping. "Anyone" can purchase shipping inurance for items sent via USPS, and most other carriers such as UPS and FedX autoatically provide insurance up to $100. However, far too often, inexperienced sellers disregard common safety guidelines in packing, ignoring the fact that handlers in the shipping process literally "throw" packages around in their hurry to meet shipping deadlines and prevent delays in their everyday scenarios. It is totally the responsibility of the sender, to provide safe and adequate packing materials to insure the integrity of the item being ship. Shipping insurance does not cover improper packaging, which is why when one seeks to file an insurance claim with USPS oon damaged goods, they require you to bring all boxing, packing materials and contents to the USPS office for insp3ection and processing. The photos incuded in this page will clearly show to anyone, that incompitent packaging is the 'senders' fault, and does not qualify for an insurance claim.
The following information and details will explain one such scenario where carelessly shipping on a couple of  items proved these simple guidelines are there for a reason.

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